What does the Power Shopper buy ?

The Internet and Online Association in India released a report in 2005 called – The Power Shopper. It is a very interesting read which amongst other things gently reminds us that ivory tower assumptions are the mother of all screw-ups when it comes to business planning. Would you have guessed that the second most purchased category online in India is not software, music, games etc., but electronic goods (mobile phones, and cameras) !!!

Yes, electronic goods. And close on its heels at the 4th position is – hold your breath – apparel and apparel accesories. One ivory tower assumption marketing whiz-kids have had in the past was that urban India, so used to getting conned by poor quality will always want to touch and feel anything before making a purchase. Especially high ticket ones, or those requiring personalisation. This is being turned on its head, albeit in a small way.

A quick cross-tab shows that there is huge pent-up demand in semi-urban and small town India thanks to satellite television, with almost non-existent  supply for those items at ground level. Internet shopping becomes the ticket to ride, never mind the patchy courier service to mofussil India.

>> Online Shopping Categories

 26% of electronic goods purchase and 33% of apparel purchase comes from non-metro India. A clear indicator of the enormous power of a nascent medium like the Internet over the masses.


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