Online survey results announced today !

Hi ! A warm and BIG thank you to all those who took my recent online survey on internet surfing habits. You guys are great!

The good news is that there is a sizeable market out there of folks who want to start ‘something of their own’, in addition to their day job. For most people, keeping their day job is essential to paying the bills, putting food on the table, and perhaps paying their next EMI 🙂

But the research shows that increasingly, urban Indians wish they could moonlight, and do something more in addition to their main job – perhaps pursuing a hobby and converting that into a business interest. 

The fact is that Indians are ready to buy online. Shopping online is still small but not as small as you may think. It’s the third largest activity of interest on the Net for all the respondents (most respondents were Sec A1). Credit card adoption and broad band penetration are playing a major part in this. Couple that with predictions by the IOAI on ecommerce trends for 2006-07 in India and we have reason to cheer. The IOAI E-commerce Report 2005, expects a 95% growth in ecommerce transactions from Rs 1180 crores in 2005-06 to Rs 3200 crores in 2006-07.

For a slightly detailed view of my cheap and cheerful survey results, please click on the link below.

Online Survey Results



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