The real low-down on web based businesses

A few dedicated minutes of surfing through the Internet and you’ll realise that the Net is FULL of scamsters, charlatans, conmen (and women) who promise the gullible reader quick ways to make easy money from the web. Here are some claims that you may have come across earliers:

“make money even while sleeping.”

“a computer and an internet connection is all it takes.”

“watch the money roll into your bank as you laze around.” and on and on

The undeniable fact of life is that there are no free lunches – in the real world and online. You pay for what you get.  Starting a business online is as challenging as starting one on the Net – its only that the type of challenges are different.

Online the benefits are a 24×7 shop that never sleeps (excuse me Citi), and no geographical barriers. Given the right kind of product, you can do business as easily with a customer in say, New England, as in Gurgaon. Some kind of products (we’ll come to that later in a post) can be transferred instantly and the transaction done in a few seconds.

But the downsides are many too. Firstly your web page is your salesperson. You have less than 5 seconds to make the vital first impression, before the prospect is off and away with a click of the mouse. Secondly with high clutter, especially in some categories if your site is not on the first page of Google’s search results, you can kiss profits goodbye, irrespective of how good your product is. Thirdly successful product design and development is quite different for the web than for brick and mortar businesses. Finally some web businesses in the past have not done well, because the consumer is used to getting stuff free on the net and tends to shy away from having to make a payment for something.

So the moot point is why start something of your own on the web? Here are some reasons why :

  1. Given the right kind of marketing plan – a web based business can be highly automated and can ‘almost’ run on its own. It’s the perfect part-time businesses you can start.
  2. A web based business can be setup in a few days and within a few weeks of smart marketing can start bringing in revenue
  3. The setup cost can be quite low as compared to a B&M business, and the costs will go down even further in the future as hosting charges and bandwidth charges come down.
  4. A web based business can be a lot of fun and can be a commercial extention of your hobby. Click on the link to learn about Jermaine Griggs a young boy who now makes serious money helping people learn to play the piano over the web!

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