Podcasting – A HOT new tool to WOW your audience


 The urge to communicate, is innate in humans – from elementary drawings in caves by early nomads to writing on parchment paper, to the development of printing technology, to electronic transmission and now to wirefree telecommunication – the aim remains the same – to communicate.

On the Net too, there are numerous ways to communicate – email, blogs, messenger services, VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), video transmission, podcasting and videocasting. Today I’d like to share simple concepts about podcasting; a nascent tool not yet adopted by mainstram Net users, but a technology with immense commercial potential.

Audio blogs have been around for a while, but it was RSS (Really Simple Syndication) that increased their popularity since it allowed audio content to be delivered directly to people’s Ipods and portable digital music players through this new technology called ‘podcasting’. Later podcasting became so popular that it was selected as the Word of the Year in 2005 by the New Oxford American Dictionary on the basis of its rise from relative obscurity to become one of the biggest trends in media.

What is podcasting?

It is the delivery of audio files – typically MP3 audio files – to the Internet. Listeners can access the files using reader software which lets them easily and automatically transfer the files to a digital MP3 player. The process has become known as podcasting because the most popular MP3 player on the market is the Apple IPod. But please note that podcasting does NOT necessarily require an IPod. Listeners can easily play the downloaded files on their home computer.

What makes podcasting a unique marketing and communications tool is that it allows individuals and businesses to publish audio content that interested listeners can subscribe to via RSS ‘feeds’.  Before podcasting you could of course record speech or music and put it on your website or blog. Now your listeners can automiatically receive your audio broadcasts without having to go to your website or blog – the podcast is automatically delivered to their computer through RSS technology.

 For a live demo of  podcasts at work go to top podcast directories. All you have to do is type the word podcast directories in Google Search and you are on your way. Some good Indian podcasts sites are:




For more detailed analysis of podcasting trends, pl click on the following URL:




One Response to “Podcasting – A HOT new tool to WOW your audience”

  1. Deb Says:

    Hi Vikram,
    Well written post on podcasting. We believe this is going to change the way people get content on-demand. Appreciate your lucid explanation of the technology and thanks for mentioning our efforts.


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